General Information

The Titan Cluster is a Virtual Machine based cluster composed of 30 real machines. 20 of these machines have the capacity to run 2 virtual machines simultaneously and the other 10 are capable of running 4 virtual machines each. This cluster is avaliable for all research groups needing to perform HPC.

Any questions regarding TITAN should be directed to helpdesk[AT] If you need to use TITAN for your research, please let us know.

Available Resources

At the moment there are no available resources

Current Activity


fc3203-fc3208Filipe Araujo filipius[AT] until 2008.12.18
fc3209-fc3214António Dourado dourado[AT] until 2008.12.18
fc3217-fc3222Hugo Noro hnoro[AT] until 2008.12.18
fc3223-fc3228André Lourençoaglour[AT] until 2008.12.18
fc6401-fc6406David Alvesdalves[AT] until 2008.12.18
fc6407-fc6412Sara Silvasara[AT] until 2008.12.18
fc6413-fc6418Francisco Pereiraxico[AT] until 2008.12.18

Scheduled Future Activity


  • closed for the moment